The XX Factor

Is Playing It Safe Such a Good Thing?

Women haven’t been hit with job losses quite as hard as men during this downturn, in part, it’s thought, because they’re more likely to take jobs in recession-proof industries like health care and teaching. Kerry Howley, writing on XX Factor , doesn’t think playing it safe is necessarily occasion for applause.

Her beef: “Must an article on gender and the recession immediately go all Mars/Venus on the subject? Since the start of the credit crisis we’ve seen this kind of pseudo-feminist drivel all over the place. The crash itself was supposedly “testosterone-driven.” Women, on the other hand, “might have been able to temper the excesses that led to the current financial crisis.” Women could have prevented the whole thing, apparently, by playing prudent schoolmarm to their cowboy colleagues. It’s not a particularly inspired vision of the future of women in business.” ( Read the rest on XX Factor .)