The XX Factor

Drawing Obama, Part 4

Thanks for all of the amazing Obama drawings you’ve been submitting for our Drawing Obama series . We’re still on the prowl for more, so if you haven’t yet, go scour the fridges and playrooms of homes with kids and send us whatever wonderful Obama portraits you turn up.

We now have the grisly counterpart to our princess-ified Obama : Monster Obama. Five-year-old Wyatt “makes everything he draws into a monster,” writes his mother, Jayne Hayden. “To Wyatt, monsters can be good or bad-the thing that he seems to like about them is that they’re powerful. So this is a portrait of power.” For those who can’t read Wyatt speak, Jayne provides this translation of the text on the drawing: “monst/ r brocobom/ u.”

Are those the hands of Wyatt’s monsters reaching for the jack-o-lantern Obama pictured below? Exposed light bulbs? Prickly boom mics? Only the artist, 7-year-old Nathan, knows for sure. This one was submitted by his mom, Janice Malloy.

And this Fairey-inspired piece comes to us from Eric Gollihar, whose 6-year-old daughter, Anna, works in dry-erase marker on whiteboard.