The XX Factor

Burned By Modern Love? Here’s Your Chance For Revenge.

For most of us, sitting down with our Sunday New York Times is a relaxing experience. But for an unlucky few, it can suddenly turn into a choke-on-my-scone nightmare.

Flipping idly through Sunday Styles, the hapless reader comes to the famous “Modern Love” column, soon to be turned into a TV series . There she reads about “Nick,” whose girlfriend broke up with him using a PowerPoint, or Husband X, whose wife no longer wants to sleep with him, or “Froky,” the ex-girlfriend who refused to stop the babytalk and act like a grown-up. She digs deeper into the story as her coffee grows cold until at some point she realizes, this sounds familiar. Froky is me!!!

Well, Double X feels your pain. Today, we launch a series of responses written by the subjects of Modern Love columns . The series gives the other half a chance to tell the same story from his or her point of view. If you, or anyone you know, has been written about by an ex-lover or ex-husband or girlfriend of an ex-husband in a Modern Love column, Double X wants to hear from you.

Please send all leads, rants, and long-stored-and-never-sent vicious e-mails to Do it. Revenge is at hand.