The Happiness Project

Life, the Musical: Strangers in a Train Station Sing and Dance

My mother-in-law has never before e-mailed me a link to YouTube—that’s not at all her style—but when I watched this clip, I understood why she sent this one. She loves musicals, and this scene from the Central Station in Antwerp is a musical erupting in everyday life.

I’ll say no more; don’t want to be a spoiler—but this video made me very happy.

Or if you can’t see the clip above, click here .

* My brilliant friend Marci Alboher writes about Working the New Economy , and she talked to me for a post she did about networking, Networking tips for the shy or introverted . Figuring out ways to do a better job of networking was a big part of my happiness project, and Marci was one of the people who taught me the most.

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