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Happiness Fix: Watching Susan Boyle’s Performance on YouTube

I was at dinner on Saturday night, and three people—very different from one another—told me that the minute I got home, I had to watch the clip showing contestant Susan Boyle’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent (the British version of American Idol ).

“I got tears in my eyes.” “I watched it five times.” “I e-mailed all my friends to tell them to watch.”

I know, I’m a little late posting about this—a thoughtful reader had e-mailed me the link, and I’d seen the clip mentioned many times on Twitter and elsewhere, but I hadn’t yet bothered to take a look myself.

I think it’s more fun to be surprised, so I’m not going to describe what happens—other than to say that it has made a lot of people happy. According to Visible Measures, Boyle’s performance has been viewed more than 47 million times.

I can’t embed the clip, but you can watch it here .

As I watched, I had a nagging thought: that this ugly-duckling-to-swan transformation had been orchestrated by the makers of the show. Then I thought—well, I don’t really care. If people love it, and are exhilarated by it, then accept the happiness.

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