Newmans Own

The Yellow House That Got Away

I love your idea about the swap, Michael, but I’m not sure that the new owner of

the yellow house

would be so keen on moving to Tampa. Yes, that’s right: I have, thanks to one of our readers, met the person who bought our dream house, and I’m happy to say we might even become friends.

Meeting her doesn’t quite equal meeting

and working with


other Nora Krug

, but it does evoke that same, eerie someone-else-is-living-my-life feeling. And though I promise not to stalk, I’m hoping she might let our family have a turn on her porch swing someday.

But, I know, I must move on. Yes, I’ve said that before, but, really, this time I will. Here’s

another yellow house

, and at this price and with this large front lawn, we could probably add a porch (and swing). Wanna take a look?