Newmans Own

It’s a Whole Other Country

We should have gone to this

open house

this weekend, but we’re in the

live-music capital of the world

visiting family. Being here has given us (or me, anyway) a whole new perspective on the house hunt.

I mean, why live in

this house

when you can live in

this one

? Just a glance at the listings and a drive through town opens up a world of possibilities:

beautiful neighborhoods


charming house


charming house

in our price range. Factor in the nice weather (minus the scorching summers) and the free baby-sitting (and did I mention all the

live music


outdoor attractions

?), and it’s enough to make a girl want to buy a ten-gallon hat and hang it on a rack in

this sweet bungalow


There’s just that pesky matter of our employment. But, hey, Michael, it’s only a four-hour plane trip—almost like the Beltway on a (very) bad day.