This American Sneak Peek

Watch an exclusive segment from Ira Glass’ new TV show.

This Thursday, the hugely popular public-radio program This American Lifecomes to television on Showtime. For those of you who’ve been wondering how Ira Glass and his team would translate radio into television, here’s a partial answer. The show’s producers offered us this clip of an entire four-minute segment from one of the upcoming episodes:

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch a trailer for the This American Life TV show.

The segment was animated by John Kuramoto and cartoonist Chris Ware, who’s been working with This American Life for 10 years on projects such as this DVD about lost Louis Sullivan buildings in Chicago.

However, most of the segments on the new TAL television show are live action—not animated. To get a flavor of what the rest of the program looks like, click here  to watch a two-minute trailer.