Alison Spurgeon

This weekend, Alison’s sorority will choose new members. Check back on Monday, when she reports what went down.

Today was so refreshing. I didn’t have to eat, sleep, and breathe the whole rush process because today was the first day of classes. Lately, I have started to completely remove myself from thinking about and getting caught up in rush. While I was walking on campus today, I spotted my “Rush Crush.” In case you’re wondering what I am talking about, a Rush Crush is a rushee who you want in your house so much that you would be devastated if she didn’t join. So, I devised a plan to be friendly but to make sure that I did not stay too long and talk with her. I knew that the longer I stayed, the greater the likelihood I would let it slip that she is my Rush Crush. That kind of information would definitely scare a girl. Luckily, I played it cool and said good-bye before I revealed to her that I had read her résumé and recommendations and loved the fact that she worked with terminally ill cancer patients, did drill team, cross-country, and had a 4.0 GPA–I promise I am not a stalker.

Tonight, I had a preference party committee meeting. We had to set up all the decorations for Friday’s three preference parties. These are the parties where we exercise our rush slogan the most–before every party, we all say, “Girls, bring them home!” Tomorrow night is a very formal event and our house is completely decked out in flowers and greenery to depict a garden scene. We also have an indoor fountain that weighs about 500 pounds (I unsuccessfully tried to lift it!). Tomorrow night, we have a skit that involves all our seniors. We sing and tell all the rushees what our house has meant to us–I know, kind of cheesy!

But I have now come to realize that the skit has served as a wake-up call for me because it signifies that this is my last year of college and I will be having to leave my comfort zone. I can honestly say that I am afraid of embarking on the next stage of my life, whatever it may be. I can also say that I will miss all my friends, Greek or not, and will truly be terrified to walk down the hill to commencement on May 21, 2000. I will look up at my friends and family in the stands, with my degree in hand, wondering what happened to my four years and what is to become of Alison A. Spurgeon.