Alison Spurgeon

Rush ‘99 is finally over! I cannot tell you what a relief it is to be done with a process that was so strenuous but so vital to the existence of our chapter. All in all, we had an awesome rush. We have 55 new members, the largest new sorority pledge class on campus (I know, we’re pretty cool). I am also proud to report that my “Rush Crush” is now one of those 55 and that we also got two girls from my home state! On Bid Day, our house had a luau theme and for some reason it turned into a huge water fight among pledge classes. My pledge class initiated it, because every year, the seniors always drench the rest of the girls in the house with water balloons and huge buckets of water, while we practice rush songs. So, after years of getting so drenched that I felt like I was in a wet T-shirt contest, we finally got revenge. We also took our annual Bid Day pictures with Bud the photographer. Bud loves to tell the exact same story every year–he says, “I love this house so much that I married one of your sisters!” So, I have come to the conclusions that 1) Bud is very unoriginal and 2) he probably gives this same spiel to every house on campus (fraternities possibly included).

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has expressed interest in and support for this “Diary.” I would also like to address the negative feedback that I have received. I fully respect everyone’s opinion, but I think people need to remember that this was not an easy Diary to write and I approached both the positive and negative aspects of Greek life candidly. Most of all, I hope I have dispelled the many myths of the Greek system. I would like to remind people that just because you are part of a larger organization, it doesn’t mean that you lose your individuality.