The Breakfast Table

Neal Dolan and Cathy Young

Dear Cathy,

Greetings from Boston and Cambridge! There are several interesting bits in today’s papers, but I wanted to start by asking if you can shed any light on Yeltzin and Primakov. The New York Times headline reads “Kremlinology 101: The More Things Change …” I think I need to take Kremlinology 100. I have a vague, uncritical sense that Yeltsin’s intentions are usually good, but I can’t help but wonder if he is really in control of things. Is Primakov really just another old-style Communist? Is there principle at stake here or just power?

And while we’re looking east, do you have any thoughts on Kosovo/Serbia? I keep thinking that the end is in sight, but today’s papers make it sound as if Milosevic is hunkering down for the long haul. As ever, ordinary folks are paying the price.

I saw somewhere else in the paper this morning that more than 60 percent of women with children also work full time. As a moderate feminist in general, I take heart in the simple fact that so many women are actively in the work force. But as the child of a full-time working widow with five kids, I remember how difficult this can be on family. Of course Dads should pick up the slack, but it’s not always that simple. What do you make of Clinton’s proposals for unemployment funding for new parents?

Sorry to ask so many serious questions first thing Monday morning, but the gray weather here put me in a serious mood. Looking forward to hearing from you.