The Breakfast Table

Irony: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

I think, actually, that you may be far too self-conscious ever to achieve actual shallowness. It’s a bit like my ongoing quest to move into a state of post-irony (or, to borrow, the current hell-lingo, “go to a place called post-irony”), at which point I will become editor of Double Take. True shallowness would involve reading InStyle without feeling the need, even in your own mind and even without recourse to the following phrase, to think of it as a form of cultural production (I was always meaning to ask someone at InStyle if there is a corporate directive to photograph every celebrity without his shoes on, on the theory that shoelessness is akin to “realness”). Richard Artschwarger is a way minimalist artist whose simple, evocative shapes sell for megabucks (last I checked) at the Leo Castelli Gallery (also last I checked). And, yes, Rudy Giuliani will never be president, but if Hillary Clinton carries on much longer before deciding not to run for Senate, he may very well find himself in Washington after all.