Janis McCollom,

       My day began around 8 a.m. today and probably won’t end till midnight, and that’s if I’m lucky.
       Today one case has already been solved. I called Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas. My defendant went to jail on his own in Shephard, Texas, in San Jacinto County, accused of Public Intoxication and Assault. Assault Bodily Injury is the charge he failed to appear on in San Antonio. He’s been running since Aug. 22, 1997. I received the case April 22, 1998. Even though I didn’t personally pick him up or have him arrested, I will make something off this. The bondsman saved $4,500 in this case.
       The second case is a black female, 22 years of age, accused of Credit Card Abuse. She failed to appear in district court May 21, which makes this a felony. My bondsman has allowed adequate time for her to reinstate her bail instead of going to jail. Reinstatement recalls the bond forfeiture and makes the bail bond good again. The subject isn’t due back at her address for about an hour. I will try the partner-up program with her. Partner-up is where I lay them down and get law enforcement to go in and bust them. If law enforcement is short-handed I’ll get her myself. It’s healthier that way for me and for the men who work the street with me. Nowadays, you never know whom or what you’re dealing with.
       Now I’ll go downtown to pick up a new case or two. I also need to pick up some photos I ordered on some defendants–if they are ready. Why some bondsmen don’t take pictures is beyond me, because it delays the pick. I will not pick people up if I don’t know what they look like. I sure don’t want to grab the wrong one. I’ve been OK the 16 years I’ve done this. Of course I play it safe also. Mistakes are too costly in this line of work. Between my guardian angels, police, and my knowledge, I’ve been lucky.
       As it turned out, my day broke off early today. I hope I have two lined up to go down tomorrow.
       Some weeks are like this one: No one goes to jail. My phone still rang until about 9:45 p.m. Tomorrow is definitely set up for the two felons to go down.