Wendy Wasserstein  

Day Two
Tuesday, Oct. 1, 1996

       Cold came on as anticipated, accompanied by anxiety, fear, and loathing. Decided I didn’t feel well enough to go to Washington as planned. Felt extremely guilty, of course, since it was for a committee I’ve been on for years.
       Tried to work and wrote a piece about Robert Isabell, an events coordinator, for ElleDecor magazine. I take assignments because I think they’ll take me places I wouldn’t ordinarily go. That sounds like an essay for an Advanced Placement College Test. I take assignments to avoid my larger issues like my play that is opening this spring. I take assignments because it’s nice to get paid.
       We’re in the middle of casting my new play. Casting Broadway plays can be more difficult than off-Broadway since on needs actors to sign up for extended runs. As television attracts more and more stage actors (David Pierce and Christine Lahti were both in my play The Heidi Chronicles), it gets harder to find people to commit to extended runs. It’s frustrating when a lot of the really good people have moved to Los Angeles. Of course, the British theater was always thought to be different, since television, film, and theater all came out of London. But my playwright friends tell me the same is true there now. Maybe even worse. More West End theaters will be empty this season than on Broadway.
       Finished piece for ElleDecor. Finished “Diary” entry. Now I can’t wait to get back to my play. A friend told me about a painter tonight who she never sees because she’s always working. I know the painter. Her name is Cathy Murphy. I admire her work enormously. I make another note to become more disciplined. Meanwhile, I’ve filled the day with appointments.
       But a girl needs a haircut.