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Kristen Wiig Returns to Saturday Night Live With a Salute to the Wonderful Christmas Presents We Get Our Moms (Robes)

Kristen Wiig slouches on a couch in a living room covered with Christmas decorations, wearing a new robe, drinking a large glass of red wine.
Hey, new robe! NBC

Saturday Night Live veteran Kristen Wiig returned to the show to host the last episode of 2020, a hilarious, rose-hued look back at some of our favorite, funniest moments from the year gone by. Just kidding: The year was an unmitigated disaster on every front and not even network comedy shows are bothering to pretend otherwise. Here’s a sketch about how bad Christmas sucks for moms:

Raw deal, robe moms! If it’s any consolation, the hollow consumerism that leads your family to confuse things like “an autographed baseball bat” for “happiness” means that in a few days, after their gifts lose their novelty, they’ll be even more miserable than you are now. Bide your time, robe moms. Bide your time.