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The Trump Campaign’s Voter Fraud Hotline Keeps Getting Pranked

Donald Trump talks on a phone behind the Resolute Desk while staffers, including Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner, applaud.
Operators are standing by. Win McNamee/Getty Images

June 7, 2012, was of the greatest days in internet history, thanks to the Republican National Congressional Committee and a whole lot of toner. If you were on Twitter that day, you’ve probably never forgotten it, but if you weren’t: The RNCC, trying to build support to repeal the Affordable Care Act, launched a petition drive in which signers’ names were printed out on a printer connected to a webcam that was livestreaming the whole thing. You can probably guess why this was a bad idea: Internet users figured out how to game the petition, and soon the Republicans’ printer was happily chronicling the signatures of potential Obamacare opponents like “Barf Vomit,” “Boner Junkmonkey,” and “HelpI’mStuck InThisPrinter.” It was a day of creativity, celebration, and, of course, “Boner Junkmonkey.” But it was also, internet observers believed, a glory that would never return.

Then, in 2020, the Trump campaign set up a voter fraud website at and a hotline at (888) 503-3526, and now the internet is fun again!

So far, it doesn’t seem like the campaign has located any evidence of voter fraud, but it’s definitively proved that there are a lot of funny people in this country who do not support Trump’s desperate attempt to defy the election results. Those with a literary bent discovered that the web form on the Trump campaign’s website did not have a character limit, which allowed them to submit the entire screenplay of the 2007 Jerry Seinfeld film Bee Movie in the “Description of the Incident” box:

Meanwhile, performers like Gravity Falls creator and voice actor Alex Hirsch upped the ante by calling the hotline to tell the Trump campaign that votes were being stolen by, among others, the Hamburglar:

Teens on TikTok got involved, too, and since then the internet has been nearly as amusing as it was during the glory days of Boner Junkmonkey and the RNCC printer. Here are some of the best calls:

So many prank calls, so little voter fraud. According to ABC News, the experience has been unpleasant for Trump staffers at the campaign headquarters, where they have been “bombarded with prank calls from people laughing or mocking them over Biden’s win.” Again: People who are still working to keep Donald Trump in the White House, people who were willing to hang out at the Trump campaign headquarters answering phones even after he lost the election, are having an unpleasant time. Maybe a little music will help: