Some Guy Just Skipped a Golf Ball Three Times Across a Pond and Made a Hole-in-One at the Masters

Well, in a practice round, anyway.

A golfer and his caddy celebrate at a golf course.
Jon Rahm celebrates his unique hole-in-one. Rob Carr/Getty Images

Tuesday at a Masters practice round at Augusta National, a golfer named Jon Rahm did this:


To which I can only say, Wha?! Huh?! Aasfjhlkdsfjhglkj?!


It turns out that trying to skip a ball across the par-3 16th hole is a Masters practice round tradition. “Generally guys get it across on five or six hops,” notes Golf Week. “A few don’t make it and sink. Most jump out of the water and roll up on the grass.” Rahm isn’t the first to skip it into the hole: Vijay Singh did it in 2009, and others have done it since.

As I have basically never hit a drive that didn’t dive straight into the ground with incredible topspin, this actually seems like the rare golf feat I might be able to accomplish. I asked Slate’s golf correspondent Jim Newell if he has ever intentionally skipped a ball across a pond, and he replied, “No! I’m not rich enough to just throw golf balls away willy-nilly!” He says he has unintentionally skipped balls across water, though.

I congratulate Jon Rahm on his accomplishment, but note that the time has come for some golfer to show his mettle and attempt this shot in competition. Don’t skip it on Tuesday; sip it on Friday. Let’s say you’re three shots off the pace to make the cut going into 16. Why not give it a try? Worst-case scenario, you’re Tin Cup; best-case scenario, you’re Happy Gilmore. Either way, you’re a legend.