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At Least Leslie Jones Is Having a Fun Election

Leslie Jones smiles on the Emmy's red carpet, wearing an iridescent silver suit.
Leslie Jones at the 2018 Emmy Awards. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

As the longest week of the year winds down with the presidential election still unresolved, the national need for a little bit of joy has never been more urgent. Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelorette offered a welcome two hours of riveting distraction, but in the cold light of morning, we need more. Thankfully, Leslie Jones and her election live tweets have stepped up to the plate. From her shaky recordings of television screens to her coinage of the hashtag #kornackithirst in honor of MSNBC’s great Steve Kornacki, Jones has been a rare beacon of fun in an otherwise interminable week.

Jones’ election coverage began on Tuesday evening, where she cheered on CNN’s Abby Phillip. “OK, I know this is a stressful moment, but I just had to say, look at sis! You look good, girl!” And she doesn’t reserve her admiration for Phillip. “I ain’t mad at the white girl neither,” Jones continues, referring to Dana Bash. “Jake Tapper don’t know what to do.”

She goes on to suggest that, while she understands we have to wait until all the votes are counted to call the election, perhaps we should contact the real experts to expedite the process. “Can we call the motherfuckers that count the votes for American Idol? Or the goddamn Grammys? Or Emmys, or something?”

Still, the absolute zenith of Jones’ election tweets begin with this one, where she gives plaudits to this week’s internet boyfriend, Kornacki. “This is how I like my reporters to look: disheveled and concerned. I love this dude,” she says, while seemingly chewing on something. “He ain’t even got no jacket on. He don’t give a fuck about his tie. He got on, I don’t even know what kind of pants, I think its Gap? He don’t give a fuck.” Jones has a truly discerning eye, as Kornacki revealed to New York magazine on Wednesday that he does indeed patronize the Gap.

After elegantly capturing the zeitgeist with #kornackithirst, she then encourages her followers to buy his book.

And upon waking up Friday morning, Jones immediately got down to the important questions: “Steve has not went home? What the fuck are y’all doing to these people? Are they robots? Are you pumping them with coffee and Red Bull and meth?”

Her critique of Robert Gibbs’ home could give RoomRater a run for its money: “Are those tomatoes on the second shelf? Why they on the second shelf, homie?”

This isn’t the first time Jones has gifted us all with truly stunning commentary: Her Olympics coverage earned her an invitation to Rio. We can only hope that NBC will take notice and make this gig official, too.