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John Oliver Explains the Three Other Ways Trump Has Been Cruel to Asylum-Seekers

John Oliver used one of his two remaining episodes of Last Week Tonight before the presidential election to talk about asylum-seekers, explaining exactly what it means to seek asylum in the U.S. and how the Trump administration has changed the process over the past four years. “Their policy of family separation caused widespread outrage,” Oliver noted, “but they have done so much more than that.”

In the video above, Oliver breaks down three other policies the Trump administration has used to deter asylum-seekers that don’t have the same notoriety that family separation does but are nonetheless important to know about: migrant protection protocols, safe third country agreements, and Title 42. He also lays out how Biden has already committed to changing some of those policies if elected. “Obviously Biden will have to do a lot more, and we will have to hold him to the promises he’s made,” he says, “but we can’t begin to fix the damage done by this administration until we replace the administration itself.” In other words, if you somehow still haven’t made your plan to vote and to convince everyone around you to vote, here are three more reasons.