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The Worst Thing About the Emmys This Year? No Time for Theme Songs.

Brian Cox pouts on a couch holding a glass.
Mood. Graeme Hunter/HBO

Everyone knows the best part of a Hollywood awards ceremony is not the jokes or the fashion or even the awards themselves. No, the best part of an awards ceremony is the 30 seconds after the winner is announced, during which time they react in surprise, smooch their spouse, bashfully amble up to the stage knowing millions of people are watching, climb the stairs with their dress yanked up so they don’t trip, and air-kiss both of the award presenters.

Those 30 seconds are precious, because they are the 30 seconds in which we get to hear some music related to the TV show or movie in which the winner did such award-worthy work. Often it is the theme song, and it is good. But this year’s virtual Emmys ceremony was held remotely, which meant no walk to the stage—the camera simply cut, immediately, to the winner’s Zoom screen. The result is that we hardly had any time to bop along to the theme songs. Succession’s barely even got past the plonky part into the tinkly bit before winners began to speak. Billy Crudup was so collected that hardly five seconds of the Morning Show theme played before he began his speech. What a loss.

Schitt’s Creek, no doubt anticipating exactly this problem, did gather its cast together and seat them together at tables so that they could hug their co-stars and walk to the microphone, giving the show’s end-credit horns time to do their thing. (Seven times, in fact.) We’ve rounded up some of the other shows’ music below, so that you can experience the songs properly (preferably while pretending you are maneuvering around a table with Ellen Pompeo sitting at it, like people did before the pandemic) instead of only getting a tantalizing, unsatisfying snippet.

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