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John Oliver Hopes a Giant Squirrel Can Save the Postal Service

Last Week Tonight explores the surprising reasons for the USPS’s struggles.

Will a giant, coal baron–taunting squirrel be the hero who rescues the United States Postal Service from its financial woes? John Oliver hopes so. The Last Week Tonight host spent Sunday’s episode explaining all of the good the USPS does, from delivering to rural parts of the country to serving as a community hub, and outlining why neither email nor private companies can replace it. After all, who else will mail late-night TV hosts a decorative rock that says “the grass is greener under my wiener” at such an affordable price?

Oliver also traced the source of the Postal Service’s troubles back to a 2006 law whose passage saw the agency go from a modest annual profit to a massive yearly deficit. With conservatives calling for privatization and President Donald Trump unwilling to give the USPS the aid it needs, Oliver turned to our last hope: Mr. Nutterbutter. Last Week Tonight has launched a new line of stamps featuring inside jokes from the show, including the heroic rodent, that you can purchase if you want to show the agency some support.