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John Oliver Dives Deep Into Trump’s Other Favorite News Network

“Fox News with even less shame and even fewer scruples.”

Watch out, Fox News, because the president has a new favorite news channel. Donald Trump’s coronavirus press conferences have allowed conservative cable network One America News a chance in the spotlight as its White House correspondent lobs softball questions at the president—even after being ordered to stay away for defying social distancing restrictions. On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took a break from coronavirus news to immerse himself in the network full of conspiracy theories and anchors who claim that a zoo is destroying America by refusing to reveal a penguin’s gender.

Despite the network’s Anchorman-like levels of absurdity, Oliver cautioned against dismissing OAN as a “stupid, little-watched, borderline self-parody,” pointing out that, as we’ve learned over the past several months, “toxic things that start small can get big fast, and it’s dangerous to ignore them.” As one of the network’s personalities compares social distancing guidelines to living under Nazi rule and proudly defies them to get his hair cut, it’s easy to see why Oliver describes One America News as “Fox News with even less shame and even fewer scruples.”