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Celebrate 32 Years, Seven Months, and Six Days of the Fat Boys and the Beach Boys’ Cover of “Wipe Out” by Watching the Music Video for the Fat Boys and the Beach Boys’ Cover of “Wipe Out”

Spanish surfer Axier Muniain rides a gigantic wave.
A Surf Jox’s Dream!
Miguel Riopa/Getty Images

On Sunday, the music world quietly celebrated one of its most important anniversaries: It has now been 32 years, seven months, and six days since the Fat Boys and the Beach Boys released what has, to date, been their only musical collaboration: their legendary cover of “Wipe Out,” by the Surfaris. To mark the occasion, music lovers the world over have been seizing control of television stations, movie theaters, and online magazines of news, politics, technology and culture in order to facilitate public screenings of the video for “Wipe Out.” For some reason, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini and Héctor “Macho” Comacho are in it!

It’s sobering to consider how the hip-hop scene of the 1990s might have played out differently if only we’d listened to the Boys’ prescient call for a bi-coastal truce between all Music Boys, regardless of their weight or proximity to the ocean. Something to think about between now and the upcoming worldwide celebrations of the thirty-two year, seven month, and seven day anniversary of the release of the Fat Boys and the Beach Boys’ cover of “Wipe Out!”