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Just Let Maya Rudolph Host the Dang Oscars Already

What more do you people want from Maya Rudolph? This marks the second year that the Oscars have gone without a host, and also the second year that Rudolph has stolen the show while presenting an award. In 2019, after Kevin Hart walked away from the job rather than apologize for homophobic tweets, the academy left the host spot vacant, with presenters and announcers instead trading jokes and introductions. And for the most part, it was fine! But Rudolph, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler had such strong chemistry that it made us wish they’d just been given the gig instead.


The Golden Globes got the memo, announcing that Fey and Poehler will host next year’s ceremony. But that leaves Rudolph, who once again shone at the Oscars this year, this time while presenting with Kristen Wiig. The two came onstage and announced that they were seeing red! They were teed off! They were steamed! Then, they revealed that actually, they were just acting. “We just know there are a lot of directors here tonight,” said Wiig. “We just wanted them to know we do more than comedy,” Rudolph added.

Though other presenters certainly fared well—Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell were another standout pair—the commitment to this silly little back-and-forth seems all the proof needed that Rudolph can handle the job, and singing a medley of songs about clothes while presenting Best Costume Design sealed the deal. Rudolph and Wiig may have been trying to impress the directors in the audience, but it’s the Oscars producers who should be paying attention.