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You Can Now Turn Off Netflix’s Dreaded Autoplay Previews

Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed complainers can change a UI.

A screenshot of the Netflix homepage with a banner for The Laundromat at the top.
Shhhhhh. Netflix

Netflix announced on Thursday, to nearly unanimous celebration, that its users can now opt out of its notorious autoplay preview function. Previews and trailers that start playing automatically while browsing the Netflix homepage have long been a source of irritation for users, prompting the company to finally roll out an option to turn them off.

In its announcement, Netflix acknowledged that it had taken this negative feedback into consideration. “Some people find this feature helpful. Others not so much,” the company’s Twitter account wrote. Autoplay haters can disable the feature on the Netflix site by selecting “Manage Profiles” in the menu, clicking on the profile they want, and unchecking the option to autoplay previews. According to the Netflix help center, if the setting doesn’t take effect immediately, you can switch to another profile and switch back to force a refresh. Those who have enjoyed the autoplay function can leave things as they are, but either way, users can now choose, which is what streaming is all about.

For those who hate when Netflix skips a show’s end credits by automatically playing the next episode, there are instructions to turn that off, too. Whatever you do, just don’t hit “Skip Intro,” or you’ll miss out.