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Conservatives Really, Really Loved Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Monologue

Gervais, standing at a podium, grins and points with his right hand.
Ricky Gervais speaks onstage during the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California, on Sunday. Handout/Getty Images

Comedian Ricky Gervais hosted the 77th Golden Globes for his fifth time—and possibly the last, as he constantly reminded us—on Sunday.

Not everyone was amused by the jokes in his opening monologue (Tom Hanks, for one, was unimpressed), but regardless of one’s enjoyment of Gervais’ shtick, his monologue was comfortingly on-brand, a mixture of lightweight jabs (James Corden is fat, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends are young) and body blows (jokes about Apple’s sweatshops and Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide), topped off with the forceful suggestion that celebrities should keep their noses out of politics. It was also hugely popular with conservative media, which hailed him as a preacher of moral truth rather than a peddler of jokes.

Brendan O’Neill at the Spectator wrote that through “our very own Ricky Gervais,” “Hollywood has received the thrashing it so richly deserves,” and described the monologue as a “takedown of Hollywood hypocrisy.” He expressed the hope that the monologue would be a “turning point in woke nonsense.”

The Daily Mail called the monologue a “glorious kick” to “virtue-signaling hypocrites” with Piers Morgan writing: “But these selfless do-gooders left three hours later feeling abused, insulted, broken and shell-shocked thanks to a host who couldn’t give a damn about their hurt feelings.”

Others were similarly triumphant and earnest. Kyle Smith at the National Review compared the monologue to a “smart bomb” in a video game and singled it out as the evening’s only bright spot: “The entire show was, as you’d expect, worthless. Except for Gervais’ hosting.” According to Gateway Pundit, Gervais “came armed with many barbs” and “eviscerated” Hollywood. Breitbart praised Gervais for having “skewered” Hollywood hypocrisy. And Dan Gainor of Fox News wrote of the monologue, “It was the comeuppance that ‘woke’ celebrities deserved, but weren’t able to prepare for enough. Hollywood was notably uncomfortable in response.”

In one of the more overwrought expressions of joy, Ben Shapiro celebrated on Twitter:

Candace Owens got in on the action:

While Paul Joseph Watson praised Gervais’ mass red-pilling:

He was joined by Rep. Mark Walker, who lightened the mood with a little drone-strike humor:

Even Donald Trump Jr. chimed in with a few fire emoji.

Gervais repeatedly said it was his last time as host, and ratings for the broadcast were down, but if it was really his final appearance on the Golden Globes stage, he ended it with heartfelt words to the audience: “Get drunk. Take your drugs. Fuck off.”

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