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Lil Nas X Performed Every “Old Town Road” Remix at Once at the Grammys

Featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, Diplo, Mason Ramsey, BTS, and, for the first time, “Big Nas.”

Prepare to have “Old Town Road” stuck in your head for another 19 weeks after Lil Nas X performed his megahit at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Given that the song’s many remixes helped sustain its record-breaking reign at No. 1, it was only fitting that nearly every one of the artists featured on them showed up to perform it. (The only major artist not featured was Young Thug, also known as the green horse, whose part was performed instead by Lil Nas X himself in front of some Thugger-themed slime.) Lil Nas X was joined by 13-year-old yodeling prodigy Mason Ramsey, K-pop boy band BTS, DJ Diplo, and, of course, Billy Ray Cyrus.


There was one other surprise guest during Lil Nas X’s performance: regular-size Nas (no relation). Lil Nas X tweeted last year that he “never meant any disrespect” by the similarity between his moniker and the name of the famous rapper. Apparently Nas doesn’t mind, since he lent his voice to “Rodeo.”

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