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What Would You Do With a Life-Size Wax Figure of Yourself? Here’s What Jimmy Kimmel Did.

A life-sized wax figure of Jimmy Kimmel standing in an office building elevator lobby. The figure is smiling and making a game-show-host style gesture.
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You can put it off for a few years by going to grad school, you can distract yourself for a few years after that with the consolations of money or drugs or sex, but sooner or later, everyone has to get enough of a handle on their existential dread to answer the central question of the human condition: “What are you going to do with the life-sized wax figure of yourself you’ve borrowed from Madame Tussauds?” On Monday night, late night host Jimmy Kimmel offered his answer:

We can’t all be expected to face our waxy doppelgängers with the same grace and courage that Jimmy Kimmel shows here, but in our darkest, waxiest hours, his shiny example will serve as a lodestone for all of us. Right up til the day our wax figures achieve self-awareness and The Great Melting begins.