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Here Are All the Surprise Celebrity Guest Stars on Will Ferrell’s Saturday Night Live Episode

Rachel Dratch, Colin Jost, Kate McKinnon, Woody Harrelson, and Larry David stand behind debate podiums playing Democratic contenders.
Cavalcade of Stars! NBC

Will Ferrell returned to Saturday Night Live this week for his fifth time hosting, and he brought a whole lot of people along with him. Here are the full names of everyone who showed up in alphabetical order by last name, so you can pretend you’re a substitute teacher calling roll for an extremely zany homeroom:

Armisen, Fereydun Robert
Baldwin, Alexander Rae, III
David, Lawrence Gene
Dratch, Rachel Susan
Harrelson, Woodrow Tracy
Morgan, Tracy Jamel
Reynolds, Ryan Rodney
Rudolph, Maya Khabira

Settle down, class! Baldwin kicked off the parade of celebrities in the cold open, and you can probably guess who he was playing. Ferrell joined him as Gordon Sondland for a sketch about the president’s helicopter press conferences:

At this point, Alec Baldwin doesn’t really count as a surprise celebrity guest, but Ryan Reynolds does, and he appeared in Ferrell’s opening monologue, which was literally about being surprised by a celebrity guest. Tracy Morgan, who also counts as a surprise celebrity guest, pops up toward the end:

Reynolds returned during Weekend Update, joining Alex Moffatt’s Guy Who Just Bought a Boat in the role of Guy Who Knows the Owner. Moffatt is the all-time king of douchey facial expressions, but Reynolds acquitted himself well:

But the surprise-celebrity-per-minute levels didn’t make the needle on the surprise-celebrity-per-minute dial spin around in complete circles until a sketch about the most recent Democratic presidential debate, as Fred Armisen, Larry David, Rachel Dratch, Woody Harrelson, and Maya Rudolph took the stage to play prospective nominees. The sketch also featured regular cast members Colin Jost, Kate McKinnon, Chris Redd, Cecily Strong, Melissa Villaseñor, and Bowen Yang, for a final score of SNL 6, Surprise Celebrity Guest Stars 5. But despite being outnumbered by the cast, the celebrities brought a really strong comedy game here, making this one of the night’s highlights:

Finally, the entire lineup of surprise celebrity guest stars joined Ferrell and musical guest King Princess on stage to say goodbye during a credit sequence in which they took up the entire front row. If you squint, you can occasionally see a regular cast member in the background:

Saturday Night Live will return on December 7 with host Jennifer Lopez, musical guest DaBaby, and seven or eight surprise celebrity guests.