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This Saturday Night Live Sketch Has a Good Dog in It

Kate McKinnon dressed as Kellyanne Conway, Cecily Strong in an Army uniform, and a German Shepherd stand behind the White House briefing room podium in a still from SNL.
Stealing a kiss from a co-star. NBC

Here is a sketch from this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live that has a very good dog in it. It does not have this week’s host, Kristen Stewart, nor does it have musical guest Coldplay, but it does have Cecily Strong doing her level best to get a good performance out of a dog who is not particularly interested in playing the part of the K-9 dog who helped take down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The jokes in the sketch are neither great nor terrible, but the dog management is on point:

Strong, who has a rescue dog named Lucy, seems to have become SNL’s go-to dog wrangler lately, although in some cases it’s not clear that much wrangling is going on. During David Harbour’s episode earlier this season, she managed to deliver her lines while a completely unwrangleable pug wriggled all over her face:

Dogs! They’re good!