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John Oliver Breaks Down All the “Ridiculous” Ways Your Vote Could Be Miscounted in the Next Election

“I really hope Putin doesn’t watch this show,” joked John Oliver on Sunday night as he showed viewers just how easy it is to find unattended voting machines and hack them using little more than a ballpoint pen. But Last Week Tonight’s segment about voting machines and their vulnerabilities explored beyond deliberate election interference. It also addressed the many “terrifying” ways your vote could be miscounted by accident in upcoming elections and urged lawmakers to address those issues—preferably before 2020.

The segment marked another remarkable instance of Oliver agreeing with Donald Trump after playing a short soundbite in which the president endorses paper ballots. “I’m sure everything he said around those 16 seconds was some combination of wrong, racist, and horny,” said Oliver. “But for a brief, glorious moment he was jut absolutely right and probably slightly horny.”