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Trevor Noah Explains the Latest Way Trump Is Likely to Get a Bunch of People Killed

Trevor Noah of the Daily Show, in front of images of Mitch McConnell's face and a rotting jack-o-lantern that bears a strong resemblance to him.
Trump is not planning to Halloween 3 Mitch McConnell. Comedy Central

On Sunday, Donald Trump unveiled his newest scheme to get a bunch of people killed for no apparent reason, this time in Syria. On Monday, The Daily Show weighed in on the impulsive foreign policy reversal, with Trevor Noah correctly observing that “After a move like this, you can’t blame America’s allies for thinking America’s word ain’t shit.” So once again, we’re all going to be paying for years for the damage Donald Trump is doing to our country, which puts us considerably ahead of the Kurds that Trump is abandoning, in the sense that we are more likely to have rests of our lives to worry about. On the bright side, Noah and the staff of The Daily Show have found a photograph of a rotting jack-o-lantern that looks a lot like Mitch McConnell, so, you know, kind of a mixed bag.

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