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This Star Trek: Picard Trailer Will Make You Long for Strange New Worlds, New Life, and New Civilizations

Jonathan Frakes as Riker.

Like disappointed Millerites, Star Trek’s creators have adjusted the show’s timeline over the years as the future arrived and the show’s predictions didn’t. The 1990s came and went with no Eugenics Wars, Voyager 6 has not been launched, and not only has no one constructed the immense, self-contained biosphere known as “Millennium Gate” in Portage Creek, Indiana, which was supposed to open around 2012, no one has even founded a town called Portage Creek, Indiana. In other words, we are not exactly on track to achieve rational self-government as valued members of the United Federation of Planets. But although we’re not lucky enough to live in Gene Roddenberry’s world, on Jan. 23, we’ll get to visit it again. A new trailer for the upcoming CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard was released at New York’s Comic-Con on Saturday, and like the trailers that preceded it, it’s a balm for tattered nerves, even with Seven of Nine dual-wielding phasers:

Jonathan Frakes returns as Riker! Marina Sirtis returns as Deanna Troi! That conviction you had in the 1990s that the world was slowly but steadily improving returns as a faint echo of its former self! We’re probably not going to make first contact with the Vulcans on schedule in 2063, but if we all work at it, maybe it’s possible to push things a little closer to Picard’s world. Checking the Star Trek timeline, it looks like all we’ve got to do after surviving the Trump years is make it through the eco-terrorist attacks of Colonel Phillip Green, a global thermonuclear war, and a period historians would later dub “the post-atomic horror.” Seems like a fair bargain, at this point—but while we wait, there’s CBS All Access.