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The Trailer for Silicon Valley’s Final Season Reminds Us That Succession Wasn’t the First HBO Show About Rich Sociopaths

In a still from Silicon Valley, Thomas Middleditch, surrounded by handlers, is about to testify before the Senate.
Facing the music. HBO

HBO released the trailer for the final season of Silicon Valley on Sunday, and although there’s no secret code like there was last time, there is still a hidden message: Succession, good as it is, was not the first HBO show to get this generation’s crop of sociopathic billionaires dead to rights:

Thomas Middleditch’s character has always had big Zuckerberg energy, but watching him appropriate Lincoln in Senate testimony a few days after Zuck himself argued that free speech means Facebook has no choice but to continue profiting from political disinformation campaigns is really something special. And it’s a tribute to the show’s writing staff that Chris Diamantopoulos’ deranged tech-bro Russ Hanneman has been waiting in the wings for a Fyre Festival subplot since two years before the Fyre Festival happened. New to the mix this year is Arturo Castro, who is playing an MBS type—the second episode is called “Blood Money”—so it looks like the show’s journey from “programmers enjoy marijuana!” to “capitalism demands victims” will continue all the way to the end.

Silicon Valley returns on Oct. 27 and will run for seven episodes; Silicon Valley never left and will run for as long as we allow it.