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John Oliver Criticizes Trump for “Rolling Over” for Turkish President in Syria

Though he wasn’t at the World Series, John Oliver joined the chorus of voices booing the president on Sunday night. On Last Week Tonight, the host ripped into Donald Trump for his handling of conflict in Syria, specifically his capitulation to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “It is truly troubling the sheer extent to which Trump has just rolled over for Erdogan,” he said.

While Oliver acknowledged that there’s no “right” policy in the Middle East and that every choice in the region will have downsides, he was unimpressed with Trump’s hasty withdrawal, not to mention his reasoning for leaving U.S. allies the Kurds to fend for themselves because … they didn’t fight during the invasion of Normandy? “The Kurds fought with the U.S. military in at least two more wars than Donald Trump ever fucking did,” he said. There may not be a right answer, but as Oliver points out, “it’s genuinely hard to get it this wrong.”