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Watch Seth Meyers Make Writer Matt Goldich Explain a Joke He Wrote

Seth Meyers, looking skeptical.
Care to offer our viewers an explanation? NBC

One of the best things about late night television is the opportunity to watch comedians deal with jokes that bomb. David Letterman was a master of blaming his writers when he did’t like what was written on his index card, Conan O’Brien puts failed sketch rehearsals up online, complete with his analysis of what’s not working about them, and Jackie Gleason spent an entire episode of You’re In the Picture apologizing for the pilot. But no one is more sadistic than Seth Meyers, who forces his writers to come out and explain their worst jokes. Here’s the joke, from Late Night writer Matt Goldich:

According to a new poll, former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren are tied in Iowa. Now they both just have to hope that a few Iowans change Des Moines. 

And here is Seth Meyers bringing Matt Goldich to Comedy Justice:

This seems to be a big week for holding people accountable for their actions, so here’s to Seth Meyers for being on-trend. And best of luck to Emmy-nominated writer Matt Goldich, who will face charges at the Hague later this month!