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Watch a Lasik-Blinded Maya Rudolph and Ike Barinholtz Goof Up Their Emmy Presenting Gig

Ostensibly—purportedly—it was claimed that the only available time Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph and Blockers and Neighbors star Ike Barinholtz could get for their respective Lasik eye surgery appointments was earlier today, the very afternoon before they were scheduled to present the award for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series” tonight at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards.

Due to their blurred vision, the comedians professed that they were having difficulty reading the names of the category’s nominees off of the teleprompter, a common short-term side effect of laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, which can take anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks to properly heal, according to ophthalmologists and eye care specialists.

“Are we still in the car?” Rudolph asked, confused as to even her basic geographic location, on the dais of the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles where this year’s Emmy’s were held.

While mysteriously capable of consistently and correctly reading the names of the comedy programs in their category, the presenters struggled to accurately read the names of the category’s lead actors, gamely offering honest and thoughtful guesses as to the names of the nominated performers.

“Tonight’s num-nums are a dazzling group of male mouthguards,” Barinholtz said, attempting to introduce the category’s array of talented contenders, before shaking his head in disappointment with his own performance. “No, No …”

The entirety of Rudolph and Barinholtz’s good faith effort to perform their Emmy duties despite their identical and temporary medical handicap can be seen above.