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In the Living With Yourself Trailer, Paul Rudd Faces His Ultimate Nemesis: Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd lie on the floor talking to each other.
“Are you sure neither one of us was in Superbad?”

Art is the search for the universal qualities in the human condition, that common heritage of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that we all can relate to, no matter when or where we were born. And there’s nothing more universal than having your job, your spouse, your money, and basically your entire life stolen from you by actor Paul Rudd, who is notorious for using his charm, boyish good looks, and mastery of the art of DNA resequencing to ruin the life of everyone his path has ever crossed. We’ve all been there! But what if the latest victim of Paul Rudd’s schemes was … Paul Rudd? That’s the intriguing premise behind Netflix’s upcoming series Living With Yourself. Here’s the trailer:

The shoe’s on the other foot now, Paul Rudd! How do you like it? Living With Yourself was created by Daily Show veteran Timothy Greenberg, and it’s clear from the details in the trailer that he, like so many of us, knows exactly what it’s like to have Paul Rudd take everything away. Rudd appeared on the show countless times during Greenberg’s tenure, so it will be difficult to determine precisely when Paul Rudd stole his identity and ruined his life, but the most likely candidate—assuming Rudd only destroyed Greenberg’s life once—is this March 4, 2013 appearance, in which Rudd, presumably in the middle of a life-ruining, identity-stealing spree, briefly steals Sandra Day O’Connor’s identity and attempts to spread a rumor that the pioneering Supreme Court justice is a big fan of the 1997 Dennis Rodman / Jean-Claude Van Damme film Double Team:

This man must be stopped, or at least receive his televisual comeuppance on a Netflix series. One of those two things will happen on October 18.