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John Oliver and Donald Trump Agree on Something for a Change

Though Last Week Tonight host John Oliver and President Donald Trump have diametrically opposing viewpoints on just about any topic you can think of, there are four subjects they can agree on, according to Oliver.

1. They both enjoy a good “hamberder.”
2. They both think James Comey is a “big pasty goober.”
3. Neither of them is willing to Google Tiffany Trump’s birthday.
4. They both want to get rid of the filibuster.

Trump’s justification for nixing the filibuster is that Republicans “will never get anything passed” in the Senate as long as the opposition can delay a vote indefinitely by extending debate. Oliver said on Sunday that he thinks losing the filibuster is worth the risk so that Democrats have a chance to pass sweeping legislation of their own. He also debunks some of the common myths about the filibuster and examines how it became an obstructionist political stunt in which Ted Cruz reads Green Eggs and Ham aloud.

“I do not like that man Ted Cruz. I do not like his far-right views,” said Oliver. “I do not like his stupid chin. I do not like his smarmy grin.” Hey, that’s another thing he and Trump have in common. Strange bedfellows, indeed.