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If This Week’s Episode of Succession Doesn’t Have Enough Cousin Greg for Your Taste, Let Conan O’Brien Pick Up the Slack

Conan O'Brien angrily telling Nicholas Braun that he wants real cocaine.
He’s not getting the sidekick job.

It’s Sunday, Succession night in America, and in diners, coffeehouses, and Elks Lodges all over the country, people are asking one question: What fresh humiliations will face Cousin Greg, the hapless adjacent-to-wealth bonehead played by Nicholas Braun? And—okay, it’s two questions—will they be humiliating enough? It’s too soon to say for sure, but in case the new episode turns out to feature too much King Lear and not enough Stooges, Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter have taken steps to ensure the nation’s hunger for Cousin Greg’s hijinks will be met. Specifically, they taped a segment where they trick Nicholas Braun into buying them a bunch of cocaine while yelling at him a lot. Snort it straight up your nose:

Neither O’Brien nor Richter are quite as good playing off Braun as Matthew Macfayden, who plays Tom on Succession, but they’re not bad—Conan in particular goes all out reinventing himself as a Succession character—and Braun is as great as ever. It’s reassuring to know that if the nation’s Cousin Greg reserves fall below safe levels, we have a plan to recover. Meanwhile, fans of Cousin Greg should direct their attention to Nicholas Braun’s Twitter account. A few days ago, DirecTV tagged Braun in a promoted Tweet that included some footage of him on the red carpet:

DirecTV customers naturally replied to the tweet with customer service complaints, and just as naturally ended up cc’ing Braun. He’s been replying.

Cousin Greg might not end up inheriting the Roy empire on Succession, but Nicholas Braun should absolutely be running DirecTV.