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This Deepfake Video of Bill Hader Transforming Into Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen Will Make You Believe in Shape-Shifting Demons

A still from a deepfake video showing Bill Hader wearing Tom Cruise's face.
Bill Hader? Ctrl Shift Face

Almost every culture has its version of the shape-shifter, a creature that can transform itself to become something or someone it is not. Its position on the horror spectrum varies by culture: Japan has the noppera-bō, a creature that can impersonate someone familiar to its victim before wiping its own face off to reveal flat skin stretched over its skull; the Irish have had to make do with witches transforming themselves into hares in order to steal milk and butter. It was inevitable that internet culture—unquestionably the most horrible culture humanity has ever created—would eventually get its own shape-shifter, joining Slender Man, Momo, and Milo Yiannopoulos in the internet’s pantheon of dread mythological monstrosities. But no one anticipated that the internet’s very own shape-shifting demon was going to turn out to be beloved filmmaker, actor, and impressionist Bill Hader. Check out the latest video from deepfake creator Ctrl Shift Face, in which Hader goes on David Letterman’s show to talk about Tropic Thunder and transforms himself into Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen, as the very bones beneath his flesh run like water:

Folklorists believe that Bill Hader can only transform into people he has personally come into contact with, so if your professional or personal life puts you in a position where you might have to shake hands with Bill Hader, consider wearing gloves. Also consider fact-checking any suspicious or incriminating videos you come across during the 2020 election cycle: It could be that your chosen candidate is drinking too much or has endorsed Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism. But it’s just as likely that Bill Hader is up to his old tricks again.