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Get a First Look at Transparent’s All-Talking, All-Singing, All-Dancing, No-Jeffrey-Tambor Musical Finale!

A crane shot of the cast of Transparent, in brightly colored suits, doing jazz hands.
Jazz hands! Amazon

Amazon Studios released a trailer on Saturday for the finale of Transparent, its groundbreaking show about a family with a transgender parent that imploded in 2017 when two transgender women working on the show levelled allegations of sexual harassment against its star, Jeffrey Tambor. Tambor announced he was leaving Transparent that November; Amazon confirmed he was gone in February, show creator Jill Soloway told their side of the story in a viciously-received memoir, and the show’s fifth season, which was supposed to have a musical episode, has now been boiled down to a feature-length “Musicale Finale.” Here’s a first look at the all-talking, all-singing, all-dancing, no-Jeffrey-Tambor Transparent finale:

In an interview with Deadline, Soloway described the show’s genre switch as a sort of reset button, saying “We couldn’t just do some more episodes, I think we needed a new way to look at this world, and the musical offered us just kind of a new way to come back.” Reviving a beloved television show for a satisfying feature-length finale is a tough lift even when there hasn’t been a sexual harassment scandal; doing it under Transparent’s circumstances while transforming the show into a musical will be seen as either a bold, brilliant bet on the healing power of art or an act of staggering hubris, depending on whether or not the person doing the seeing ends up enjoying Transparent’s finale. We’ll find out on Sept. 27 how well Soloway and their cast and crew managed to tap dance their way through the minefield.