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Watch the Trailer for The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers’ New Movie About the Horrors of Male Bonding

Have you just about had it with buddy comedies? Are you sick of predictable jokes, well natured ribbing, and the obligatory happy ending?Have you ever found yourself asking, “but why aren’t there more buddy horrors?” Robert Eggers’ new black and white late-19th century period piece, The Lighthouse, has got you covered.

Starring Robert Pattinson and Willam Dafoe, this follow-up to Eggers’ 2015 period horror, The Witch, explores the relationship between two lighthouse keepers (or “wickies,” as they’re known by the swashbuckling community) as they attempt to endure a harsh month of isolation on a remote speck of rock off the coast of Maine without murdering one another. Think Laurel and Hardy crossed with Moby-Dick and Night of the Hunter.

Building on the gothic atmosphere established by the The Witch, in The Lighthouse Eggers’ forgoes color entirely, instead shooting entirely on black and white 35mm film in the archaic 1.33:1 aspect ratio of early silent film. The film has already been winning over critics, taking home the Fipresci Critic’s Award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Will The Lighthouse show the way for even more prestige-horror films to come? Audiences will find out when the film is released in October 18th.