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Jon Favreau Is Already Writing Season 2 of His Mega-Expensive Star Wars TV Show

Disney reportedly spent more than $100 million on The Mandalorian’s first season, which has yet to even premiere.

A silhouette of a person wearing armor, a helmet, and a cape standing in a round doorway.
The titular (?) Mandalorian. Disney/Lucasfilm

The Lion King may be receiving mixed reviews, but director Jon Favreau is keeping too busy to pay attention to the haters. Favreau stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday to talk about the many projects he has in the works, including The Mandalorian, the upcoming live-action Star Wars series he wrote and executive produced for Disney’s streaming service. The Wall Street Journal reports that each episode cost close to $15 million, putting the first season at a whopping $120 million total. Apparently Favreau is confident that the show is worth it, since he told Jimmy Kimmel that he’s already started writing Season 2.

We already knew that the show would be about—surprise!—a Mandalorian, but Favreau elaborated ever so slightly on the premise without actually giving anything of substance away. “It’s about a bounty hunter. It’s after Return of the Jedi, so the Empire’s gone and all hell is breaking loose in the Outer Rim,” he said. “It’s about the scum and villainy that, now, once you take out the rule of law, what happens? Chaos takes over and you have a lot of the unseemly characters.” (Star Wars stuff starts at the 11:30 mark in the clip below.)

Favreau did correct Kimmel on one point: He’s not actually directing any of The Mandalorian, and he went out of his way to credit Dave Filoni, a man who knows from bounty hunters, as his “partner” on the series. Among other accomplishments at Lucasfilm, Filoni developed, co-wrote, and supervised Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated series full of scum and villainy—including a Mandalorian terrorist voiced by Favreau—in an earlier era of the saga. It happens to be an excellent show, which you should definitely watch.