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What Do Cats Think of the Cats Trailer?

We asked some.

Two cats on a table look away from the Cats movie trailer projected on a screen.
Not feeling it.
Bryan Lowder

We know what the internet thinks of the new trailer for Cats. But what do cats think of the trailer for Cats? We decided to ask some.

Ian, 2

Remarkably patient for his age, but nevertheless out in under a minute.

Leela, 11

Ran away immediately. Pictured: The imprint she left on the rug as she fled.

A rumpled rug next to the Cats trailer on a TV.
Jennifer Bloomer

Bishop, 4

Would not come out from under the bed, but agreed to watch within protective confines.* Sound on:

Pieces, 8, and Suite, 8

No thoughts on the trailer, but aware we’re up to something.

A cat on a table sticks its tongue out, the Cats trailer projected in the background.
Bryan Lowder
A cat peers into the camera.
Bryan Lowder
Cats watch the Cats trailer.
Bryan Lowder

Token dog: Cody, 2

Honestly kind of into it, but also a little concerned about us.

No animals were harmed in the making of this article, but several were bribed with treats.

Correction, July 19, 2019: An earlier version of this post misstated that Bishop was hiding under the couch. He was hiding under the bed.