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John Oliver Weighs the (Realistic) Risks and Benefits of Trump’s Impeachment

You won’t find any fantasies of a shamefaced Donald Trump leaving the White House in disgrace here. On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver weighed the risks and benefits of impeachment proceedings against the president, but he kept his expectations realistic, pointing out that if Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson stayed in office, it would be naive to think Trump, of all people, plans to just walk away:

Him leaving office is extremely unlikely. That would require 20 Republican senators to vote against him. And even if they did that, there’s still no guarantee that Trump would actually leave. You think he’d hold a press conference and bashfully say into a camera, “I was wrong”? In what reality would that happen? And then he’d graciously say, “I will now let someone else be the president”? You’re insane! And then what? He’d pack a suitcase and walk, physically walk, out of the White House and just not be the president anymore? No! He’d make us drag him out like an uncooperative toddler.

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves, and Oliver urged his audience not to think of impeachment as a binary in which the outcome is simply whether Trump stays or goes. “The process could shine a light on the contents of the Mueller report, potentially lead to new revelations about Trump’s conduct, and force Republican allies to choose publicly, and on the record, to hold him to account,” he said. And if that scares you, well, maybe you belong in Oliver’s new Hogwarts House, Snarglebargle, too.