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Sarah Silverman Considers the Link Between Comedy and Mental Health in It’s Not That Funny Trailer

Most of us are familiar with the link between mental health challenges and comedy. It’s the paradox of the tragicomic Joker, the depressed stand-up comic, the sad clown: Those who excel at making people laugh are often privately suffering from serious issues—ones that are sometimes swept under the rug, sometimes adapted as material for jokes and bits. This strange, looping relationship is at the heart of It’s Not That Funny, an upcoming short documentary featuring interviews with comics like Sarah Silverman, Rachel Bloom, and Chris Gethard.

A collaborative effort between SoulPancake—the digital media company founded by Rainn Wilson, who also appears in the doc—and Funny or Die, the film explores how mental health both informs comedic performance and leans on it as a therapy, not always to perfect success. “Comedy is not going to save you,” says Gethard in the trailer. “And if you are thinking about doing comedy as a substitute for therapy, it doesn’t work. I tried. I tried for a long time.”

It’s Not That Funny will debut on SoulPancake later this year.