Kansas City Royals Catcher Achieves Elite Dad Status by Wearing Necktie During Game

Martin Maldonado of the Kansas City Royals wearing a tie on Father's Day.
Looking sharp. Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

You may think that a necktie is a lame, clichéd gift to give your dad for Father’s Day, but allow Kansas City Royals catcher Martín Maldonado to show you just how versatile this piece of business apparel is. Maldonado wore a smart, powder blue tie with his chest protector during the Royals’ game against the Minnesota Twins on Sunday, and he looked terrific.


The clip-on is a real tie, evidenced by how it flaps as he moves into position behind the batter. Written on it is a list of names and the festive message, “Happy Father’s Day.”

While the tie is certainly a classic look, Maldonado could have gone full-on dad by adding any one of the following flourishes:

• A “Westin Vacations” ballpoint pen, scored from a timeshare presentation and clipped to his jersey.
• A pair of New Balance 574s with a silica gel packet still lodged in the left shoe.
• Instruction manual for a six-CD changer tucked into his back pocket. (“Been meaning to read up on it.”)
• Cellphone holster (phone switched to “off”).
• “Fun” glasses. (Sunglasses with Croakies.)

Congratulations on the cool look, Martín. You are Sunday’s most debonair dad.