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The Queen Gave Donald Trump a Book as a Gift and Trevor Noah Is Baffled

Trevor Noah looks skeptical in front of a picture of The Second World War.
Seriously? Comedy Central

Trevor Noah took a look at Donald Trump’s trip to the United Kingdom on Monday, with a special focus on the strange gift he received from the queen: a book. As Noah explains, it’s unclear whether this was a mistake caused by a lack of familiarity with Donald Trump’s legendary unwillingness to read or an epic troll from the 93-year-old monarch; either way, it’s hilarious:

The answer to Noah’s question—accident or troll?—can be deduced by looking into the precise gift Trump received. Newscasters have described it as a “first edition” of The Second World War, Winston S. Churchill’s history of the war, originally published in six volumes between 1948 and 1953, which won him a Nobel Prize in Literature. That would be a lovely gift for anyone but Donald Trump; a complete set of the U.K. first editions goes for a little over $2,000, and they’re gorgeous, fit for a president’s library. But that’s not exactly what the queen gave President Trump. Her gift for him was the first edition of a slightly different book: The Second World War One-Volume Edition, currently available in its 1959 U.K. first edition on for as little as $14.32. That’s right: She gave him the abridged version. (At least it wasn’t the “special abridged edition for young readers.”) Trolling has a new queen.