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Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Returning to Broadway, but Seeing Him Perform Will Be a Gamble

Lin-Manuel Miranda smiles on a red carpet.
Lin-Manuel Miranda on March 14 in New York City.
Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Lin-Manuel Miranda is heading back to Broadway, and no, it’s not to rejoin the cast of Hamilton. The hip-hop improv group Freestyle Love Supreme, which Miranda co-founded with Thomas Kail and Anthony Veneziale, has announced a four-month Broadway run of shows starting in September.

Even if you get tickets, don’t count on seeing Miranda at your performance. True to the show’s commitment to unpredictability, Miranda will be making periodic appearances “on unannounced occasions,” according to the New York Times, so if the Hamilton creator and onetime star is the big draw for you, you’ll be rolling the dice on any given night. Christopher Jackson, James Monroe Iglehart, Wayne Brady, and Daveed Diggs will similarly pop in to join the show’s core cast from time to time. Lottery tickets for $35 will also be available.

For the privilege of maybe seeing Miranda, you’ll have to surrender access to your phone. Freestyle Love Supreme attendees must store their electronics in a Yondr pouch that they can keep on their person but which makes the contents inaccessible during the performance so that “every person in attendance [is] totally present—not texting or checking email.” Over the past couple of years, these pouches have become more and more common in comedy clubs, performance venues, and even some schools.

By the time Freestyle Love Supreme opens, Miranda will have finished filming a role in HBO’s His Dark Materials adaptation as well as the In the Heights movie. His sporadic return to Broadway will just have to tide us over until Hamilton 2: Yes He’s a Ghost Now, So What, Give Us Your Money opens in 2025.